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Cool ICS v2 Bravo

Cool IceCream Sense v2|Android 2.3.4|FAST|STABLE|DATA++/STOCK|

* Based on Official Android 2.3.4 HTC Droid 4.08 GingerBreadSense (A big thx to 00McD00)
* Cache Partition Mount as Re-writable *Now u can save ur data on cache partition too*
* Native Screenshot (hold power+menu Button for 3 sec.)
* Advanced power menu & Extra Quick Setting
* Fully Customized and ICS themed Rosie
* Custom themed settings menu
* ICS themed status bar
* Galaxy Nexus boot animation
* MASSIVELY themed with ICS and slate png's
* Andrev_oc Demon with Daemon Controller.apk
* Screen state scaling Customizable...
...................screen on - ondemand 254-1152 MHz.
...................screen off - powersave 254-384.0 MHz.
* RAM Tweaks (thx to Juwe11)
* Speed tweaks with Smoothness patch
* Rom Optimized for Speed & Stability
* Busybox 1.19.0, Root, Superuser
* Automatic ZipAlign by Wes Garner, slightly adjusted by ROBO
* Cyanogen A2SD script tweaked by me, moves both Apps and Dalvik to EXT.
* Updated APNs to Cyanogens big list (over 1300 providers)
* Host file symlink to data partition for easier update
* Customizable Bootanimation and downanimation
* Some Hidden bloat-ware removed
* Languages supported: Don't Know
Known Bugs:
Only Some Languages.
DATA++ Hboot 180MB System, 5MB Cache, 252MB Data.
STOCK Hboot 250MB System, 40MB Cache, 147MB Data.
EXT4 Partition For A2SD, No Swap
Align Your EXT4 Partition With...THIS
Also Convert Your Ext3 Partition To Ext4
Latest Radio & RIL
Change Log:
* Usb PC Mount Fixed (thx to my brother dungphp)
* Contact Sync Fixed (Don't forget to clear Contact Data)
* SDCard Mount Error Fixed (ADB Errors)
* Improved 720p Recording & Playback (MP4)
* Improved Battery Life (Need Testing)
* Updated Market 3.4.4
Cool IceCream Sense v2 (New Users Full Wipe Recommended, Old Users Just Clear Dalvik.Cache)


md5sums: dcd3b314f732a7303cc90fb316b40c18